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DuPont Fayetteville

News Release

Fayetteville, NC, May 16, 2011

Ellen Speaks, Interacts With Employees At Fayetteville Works 40th Anniversary Event

Ellen Kullman, DuPont Chair and CEO, was the headline attraction at the Fayetteville Works public celebration event commemorating 40 years of safe, continuous operations. Ellen delivered the keynote speech at the public event, then spent the rest of the day interacting with employees while touring the plant’s production units, visiting an “Expo” spotlighting the site’s various productivity improvements and conducting a town hall meeting.

“This is a great day for DuPont, a great day for Fayetteville Works, the local community and the state of North Carolina,” Ellen said during the public program that was conducted underneath a big tent outside the plant’s administration building. About 200 invited guests, including employees, local residents, media, business and civic leaders, local, state and federal elected officials, were in attendance.

Congressman Mike McIntyre, North Carolina Secretary of Commerce Keith Crisco and Bladen County Economic Development Director Chuck Huestess also spoke at the program. All three noted the importance of the plant operations to the local and state economy. They said DuPont has always been a great partner with the state when it comes to providing jobs and helping improve the overall quality of life.

This was Ellen’s first visit to Fayetteville Works as CEO and she spent a lot of time in the plant’s four operating units, Tedlar®, Nafion®, Butacite® and SentryGlas®, and at the Expo engaging with employees and learning about the operation. She spoke to about 100 employees at the town hall meeting. At that meeting, she congratulated the employees – past and present – for reaching the significant milestone in the plant’s history. ”Operating a manufacturing plant for 40 years is a major accomplishment, and it’s a tribute to the hardworking men and women who have worked here over the years in a manner that’s safe and protective of the environment,” she said.

Ellen also spoke about how DuPont has aligned its business strategies with the megatrends of feeding the world, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels and keeping people and the environment safe. “We are focusing our science and innovation on these megatrends,” she said.

Ellis McGaughy, Fayetteville Works plant manager said employees were pleased that Ellen chose to visit the site on its 40th anniversary. “Our employees were very excited to interact with her and to hear first-hand the vision, mission and business direction the company is heading in. They were also excited to hear her talk about how Fayetteville Works fits into helping DuPont meet its sustainable growth goals as they relate to the alternative energy and safety and protection megatrends.”

“I was extremely encouraged by Ellen's visit,” said Seth Bailey, Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF) area production superintendent. “She really took the time to meet the team, see what we do and answer our questions. The engagement between Ellen and the team was outstanding, and I truly believe that the site feels motivated and ready to achieve another 40 years of success.”

"From my interactions with Ellen, I could tell that she was very interested, and pleased with what she saw as she toured the areas across the site”, said James Collins, DuPont Production System (DPS) expert. “I also find it refreshing that she recognized and acknowledged our successes as a site, using the tools provided within the DPS umbrella.”

Kendra Burney, SAP specialist, said "Ellen's visit was a wonderful opportunity for our site. She was very engaged and had a genuine interest in the people at Fayetteville and the work that we are doing."

“We were extremely encouraged by Ellen's visit and our involvement in the 40 years of success,” said Tim Blackburn, Butacite® global quality specialist-supplier relations and director and Fayetteville Works Native American network. “This was a fantastic opportunity for our site and community and we look forward to the future here at Fayetteville Works. The engagement between Ellen and the team was outstanding, and really uplifting for our work force.”

Mark Cluff, unit manager-DuPont Chemicals and Fluoroproducts and PVF Operations, said "The 40th anniversary was a fantastic opportunity for the employees. The corporate and community leaders visiting this site, the picnic for employees/retirees and their families, and overall the privilege of celebrating our history together was a wonderful experience. We are looking forward to the next 40 years of success!"

Bill Harvey, president-Packaging & Industrial Polymers; and Willie Martin, vice-president-North America Operations; also spoke during the town hall meeting. Both congratulated employees on their accomplishment and thanked them for the contributions Fayetteville Works has made to the success of the company. They noted that if employees stay focused on core values and making quality products, the plant will be around for many more years to come.