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Wilmington, DE, October 8, 2007

DuPont™ Tynex® Nylon Filaments Adopted for Cleaning LCDs in Asia

DuPont Filaments already offers a wide range of monofilaments for premium quality brushes - from FDA-compliant colorful filaments for oral care applications, to soft “natural-feel” filaments for cosmetics, long synthetic tapered bristles for paintbrushes, and tough, durable abrasive filaments for cleaning and polishing. And their scope of usage continues to expand: liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturers in Asia now use DuPont™ Tynex® 6.12 fine filaments to clean their units at multiple stages of production, whereby their low water absorption and high bend recovery contribute to their excellent brush performance.

The DuPont offering is founded upon three core principles: superior performance versus other natural and synthetic filaments; design flexibility for versatile and innovative products; and the deployment of DuPont manufacturing expertise for consistent filament quality and easy processing in brushmaking equipment.

DuPont™ Tynex® fine filaments, made from nylon 6.12 and available in diameters of between 0.051 millimeters and 0.127 millimeters, are an established choice for cosmetic applications as they are resistant to chemicals and are hypo-allergenic. Their properties – good stiffness when wet and excellent bend recover – enhance the properties of nail, mascara and other cosmetic brushes, and have seen the filaments become a material of choice for this demanding segment. Yet it is over the last three to four years that DuPont has discovered a further, distinct application of its filaments – for the cleaning of LCD panels in Asia.

During their manufacture, the glass panels for today’s LCDs go through several production stages, from creation of the glass board to its assembly with the color filter. At numerous points along this process, the panel’s components are pre-cleaned, etched or polished with LCD cleaning brushes using Tynex® filaments. These cleaning brushes conventionally consist of a metal strip roll, corresponding in length and diameter to the size of the LCD panel being produced, with fine filaments made from a pure, high-quality 6.12 nylon in a range of diameters between 0.05 millimeters and 0.10 millimeters and length of between 17 and 20 millimeters. The filaments are required to effectively remove foreign particles from the glass panels without damaging their sensitive surfaces - achieved through a fine balance of filament diameter and length.

Yet the real areas in which fine filaments from DuPont outperform the competition is in terms of their water absorption and associated flexibility and bend recovery. As Tynex® 6.12 nylon filaments absorb small quantities of water (see comparison table below), its effect is only to cause a temporary decrease of stiffness and bend recovery while they are wet. “Our data shows there is little change in our nylon 6.12 filaments’ performance in both wet and dry conditions - stability which results in more reliable and effective brushing performance,” explains Russel Brezler, R&D fine filaments project manager.

Table 1

 Water absorption  Tynex® 6.12  Nylon 6.6
 50% relative humidity  1.4%  3.2%
 100% relative humidity  3.0%  9.0%

The recent success of DuPont fine filaments in this new and growing market segment strengthens the company’s view that there remains vast untapped potential for its products in similar, delicate polishing and cleaning applications. “While many of our abrasive filaments, marketed under the Tynex® A brand, are established in the areas of industrial deburring, cleaning and polishing of metal and stone, the example of using our fine filaments in the manufacture of sensitive LCD panels could be extended to other delicate surfaces that require a polished finish,” confirms Tom Vichich, industrial and cosmetic global market manager at DuPont Filaments.

The DuPont Filaments team will be at InterBrush (16-18th April 2008, Freiburg, Germany) at the DuPont booth (Hall 2, booth 2.1.7) to field enquiries on DuPont fine filaments for LCD cleaning.

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