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Starke, Florida, January 25, 2008

Lad Daniels, President of the First Coast Manufacturers Association (FCMA), visited the DuPont Plant in North East Florida recently.  FCMA represents over 300 members throughout North East Florida and South Georgia. DuPont is a member of FCMA.

"I am pleased that for over 50 years the DuPont plant in North East Florida has been providing more than $50 million in economic impact to the area and employing over 225 Florida residents," said Daniels.

According to FCMA Mission statement they Emphasize manufacturing's positive Contributions in protecting the environment; Educating the workforce and improving the Economy.

"It was great to see, first hand, that DuPont in North East Florida fulfils all three of these goals," Daniels said.

The DuPont Plant in North East Florida produces mineral products to improve the quality of life for millions of people, while protecting and enhancing the environment. One of the minerals, llmenite, is the main ingredient to create titanium dioxide. Each person in America uses 10 lbs of titanium dioxide each year for clothing, paper, paint sun block and other important products.  The whiteness in this and every piece of paper comes from titanium dioxide. Other minerals produced at the plant are used in the manufacture of high-performance metals for military and aerospace applications and for construction and infrastructure improvement projects. DuPont is the only American-owned domestic source of these minerals.

Throughout time people have utilized the land and extracted its natural resources to improve and enrich human life.  All the products that we enjoy come from one of two places-they are either grown or mined. Farmers extract nutrients from the land to grow food and then restore the land for future use.

DuPont has developed the safest and most environmentally responsible way to extract specialty minerals which are used to manufacture beneficial products. One percent of the soil is mined for commercial use, while the rest is replaced. Each acre of land mined is reclaimed with native species of plants and wetlands are fully restored.  

 "I was able to see during my visit how the reclamation process begins immediately after the extraction process," Daniels said.

"I sincerely hope everyone in North East Florida both in government and the private sector do everything they can to keep DuPont in North East Florida for as long as possible!" Daniels concluded.