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Starke, Florida, April 17, 2008

Baker County Standard - Lieutenant Governor Tours DuPont Mining Operation

Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp toured the DuPont mining operation that stretches through Baker, Bradford, Clay and Duval counties April 14. The mining operation began more than 50 years ago and is responsible for 225 jobs in Florida and an economic impact of $50 million annually, according to , the plant's recently launched public information web site.

"Economic development is a very important part of the governor's agenda," Mr. Kottkamp said before receiving a presentation from plant managers while the floating dredge worked behind them. DuPont mines the minerals titanium, zircon and staurolite from the sands under the top soil, which are replaced within minutes after the minerals are extracted through a chemical-free process using gravity separation spirals. "That's a pretty quick turn around," said the lieutenant governor, who toured the current location in southeast Baker County following a visit to Camp Blanding in Jacksonville. His next stop was Tallahassee.