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Food Processing Equipment

DuPont Performance Polymers proposes Food Grades (FG) resin products to meet new market needs for food contact applications.

Food compliancy
To allow the food processing industry to develop products that are capable of obtaining multiple regional food contact approvals, the DuPont Performance Polymers FG product offering provides compliance with several regional regulations including: FDA, European Food contact n° 10/2011 and GMP(EC) n°2023/2006.

DuPont Performance Polymers offers a full range of FG resins including:
  • Zytel® HTN high performance polyamide for chemical and thermal durability
  • Zytel® 6, 6/6, 6/12 nylon for long-term water exposure
  • Hytrel® TPC-ET for flexibility, reduction of noise transmission and fatigue resistance
  • Delrin® acetal for improved productivity, longevity and noise reduction
  • Crastin® PBT resins for excellent surface appearance to facilitate decorative techniques and where impact resistance and dimensional stability are required
  • Rynite® PET resin with high stiffness, excellent dimensional stability for low thickness containers.

Production Facilities
Efficient and durable machinery are crucial to a well running production facility. FG products help food processors achieving high performance, cleanliness and cost effectiveness through such areas as parts consolidation, improved durability and resistance to cleaning agents. Ongoing enhancement of resin properties and performance also provides manufacturers the ability to consider further replacements of metals for increased functionality, as well as energy, noise and weight reductions.

Renewably sourced polymers
DuPont also offers renewably sourced polymers, such as:
  • Sorona® EP PTT is a polymer with 37% renewable content by weight suitable for a great variety of packaging applications such as films and rigid containers.
  • Zytel® RS renewably sourced long chain Nylons with 63% up to 99% renewable content by weight, offers a great variety of properties such as toughness and stiffness with good oxygen barriers properties for use in extruded and cast films as well as in injection molded packaging components.

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