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Plastic Conveyor Belt

Delrin® is a tough, lightweight, durable, wear-resistant, low friction, low noise and high performance acetal resin solution for today's bottling industry. It offers enhanced quality and performance, uncompromising reliability and greater design freedom than metal or other plastic solutions. Bottling conveyor chains and belts of Delrin® need less maintenance than chains and belts of other materials.

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  • Production flexibility: The injection molding process used for components of Delrin® is much simpler and more cost effective than the manufacture of steel chains. Conveyor belts can be molded with reduced pitch compared to steel chains: this translates to smoother conveying.
  • Low friction coefficient and wear properties make dry production possible: The low coefficient of friction and low wear chains and belts based on Delrin® mean that, in most applications, conveyors can run smoothly with reduced soap and water lubrication or even without lubrication at all. Heavy lubrication has always been needed until now in situations when conveyor belts of metal or other plastics have been used in bottling plants. The lubrication is needed to reduce the back pressure on stacked containers; lubricants reduce the coefficient of friction between the bottom of the containers and the belt's upper surface. Now, thanks to the properties of Delrin®, glass container and bottling lines can run in dry conditions. This saves the capital investment associated with installing lubrication equipmnet and the consequent cost of running this equipment. Moving to a dry environment also means a cleaner and friendlier working environment for employees.
  • Improved productivity due to lower maintenance: Chains and belts in high speed conveyor system made of Delrin® (for glass, PET or aluminium beverage containers) demonstrate improved wear and abrasion resistance compared to traditional plastic chains. This means that the conveyor systems need less maintenance and are subjected to fewer scheduled and unscheduled downtimes.
  • Less tipping, wear, noise: Low friction reduces the risk of product tipping, especially on accumulation conveyors, cuts conveyor component wear and holds down noise.
  • Permanent lubricity: The lubricant is added with Delrin® during the compounding process.
  • Durability: With the superior fatigue strength of Delrin®, the chains withstand repeated "jerk loads" produced when conveyors start with product already on the line. The high tensile strength of Delrin® enables the chains to carry heavy loads.
  • Resists harsh chemicals: Delrin® is resistant to typical cleaning solutions and other agents used to wash down conveyor lines.
  • The modular design possible with conveyor belts of acetal resin makes optimized plant layouts possible; conveyor sizes can be designed to match precise line capacity specifications.
  • Evironmentally friendly with low or no waterusage and elimination of soap typically used with metal.

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