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We have one of the world’s most extensive collections of cultures. These are microorganisms that are safe to eat – and many of them even provide health benefits.

Cultures are formulations of natural microorganisms or strains with a history of safe use, including lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Used in the food industry to preserve microbiological qualities and develop sensory features such as texture, colour and taste, the health benefits of cultures are also widely recognised. Specific probiotic strains have a documented ability to enhance digestive health and immune system modulation when applied in food products and dietary supplements.

Our cultures have been tested in a wide range of fermented and non-fermented applications.  They are available either as direct vat inoculation (DVI) cultures, which are ready for use without scale up at the processing plant, or in a bulk starter (BS) format.

Product range
Dupont Danisco cultures have been specifically screened, selected and formulated to give a defined performance during food production and functionalities throughout food shelf life.  The comprehensive range includes:

Key benefits
Cultures develop texture in fresh fermented dairy products and flavour in cheese. Further more cultures reduce Listeria risk and improve food safety in dairy and can provide probiotic effect. By preventing microbial sensory degradation in your dairy products cultures extend or maintain shelf life.

In health & nutrition products cultures can enhance gut function and stability, modulate immune system and alleviate lactose intolerance. Cultures also improve digestion and nutrient absorption as well as reduce allergy risk.

In meat, poultry & seafood cultures can develop flavor, secure homogeneous colour and stability, improve texture and ensure consistent taste, colour and texture throughout shelf life. Further more cultures enable product diversity, improve safety and extend shelf life of your product.

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