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Food Enzymes

Enzymes are natural proteins present in all living cells – in plants, animals and microorganisms – where they increase the rate of biochemical reactions. Each enzyme type has its own highly specific activity and – just as a key only fits one lock – will only transform a specific substrate.

Due to their presence in all foodstuffs, enzymes are ideal ingredients for use in the modern food industry.  Today the rapid development of enzyme technology constantly reveals new application possibilities and opportunities to tailor-make enzymes according to new customer needs and market trends.

Product range
DuPont Danisco manufactures a wide range of single activity enzymes and enzyme complexes, which are optimised to customer requirements.
The commercial liquid or microgranulate format ensures the enzymes are virtually dust-free – protecting the working environment where they are used and enabling easy and accurate application of the typically tiny enzyme doses.

Bakery enzymes
Dupont Danisco pioneered the use of enzymes for all aspects of the bread-making industry.  Through their ability to eliminate naturally occurring seasonal variations, enzymes can standardise and upgrade flour quality and secure maximum baking performance.  They also improve tolerance to variations in processing parameters.

Dairy enzymes
With 70% of the world’s population unable to tolerate lactose in their diet, it’s hardly surprising that the trend towards healthier foods has brought a growing demand for lactose-free dairy products.
Complemented by Dupont Danisco’s in-depth expertise in dairy cultures, enzyme solutions are available for milk, yogurt, fermented and other dairy products which support health and wellness products.

Brewing and distilling enzymes
Producing the best beer and alcohol from variable raw materials is an ongoing issue for brewers and distillers. Dupont Danisco enzymes secure high-yield production of uniform, top quality products with optimum stability and shelf life.  Added early in processing, the enzymes are no longer detectable in the final product.
See our brewing e-guide for more information.

Oils and Fats/Food Processing
No risk, no compromise – just higher yield and noticeable more profit. That is one of the claims for Dupont Danisco’s food processing enzyme. E.g. FoodPro® cleanline reduces the cleaning cost during milk processing and LYSOMAX® Oil increase yield with more than 1% in oil refineries.

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