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As thickening, gelling and stabilising agents, hydrocolloids make an important contribution to numerous food and beverage products. The hydrocolloids from DuPont Danisco Food Ingredients are all bio-based, water-soluble polysaccharides with a highly functional effect at low dosages.

Due to their water-binding properties, hydrocolloids have a significant influence on the texture and mouthfeel of food products – often creating opportunities for textural innovation. Several of the products also interact with protein, a useful property for protein stabilisation and protection. We provide solutions based on a strong portfolio of specialised hydrocolloids, comprising:
Locust bean gum
Guar gum
Xanthan gum
Cellulose gum
Microcrystalline cellulose

Key benefits of hydrocolloids
In bakery hydrocolloids add volume and softness as well as extend shelf life. Further more, hydrocolloids can improve flexibility and rollability of flat breads and improve texture and bake stability of baker’s custard.

In beverages hydrocolloids can ensure excellent suspension of particles, increase viscosity, giving exceptional mouthfeel , improve fruit pulp stabilization, prevent oil ring formation and enable fibre addition for natural label beverages.

In frozen desserts hydrocolloids give excellent melting properties as well as improving body and creaminess.

In culinary hydrocolloids Increase viscosity and stability, modify texture and improve body and creaminess.

In cultured products hydrocolloids provide smooth texture and shiny appearance. Hydrocolloids can optimise cost in reduced milk solid formulations as well as maintain texture throughout shelf life. Hydrocolloids also Improve body, especially at a higher consumption temperature for cultured products.

In dairy products & low pH protein drinks hydrocolloids can stabilise milk and soya protein, prevent sedimentation and whey off and enable a wide range of textures. Further more hydrocolloids can replace texture in formulations with reduced milk solids, sugar and/or fat and thereby give the food manufacture a better low fat product.

In meat, poultry & seafood hydrocolloids improve cooking yield, ease handling of low-fat, low-salt and phosphate-free products and improve texture and sliceability.

In oils & fats hydrocolloids improve water binding in low-fat margarine.

In fruit preparations for fermented dairy products hydrocolloids control viscosity during pumping and hot processing, secure excellent fruit suspension and distribution , maintain fruit identity, increase stability of gel network, improve white mass viscosity and enable single stabiliser solution.

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