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Soy Protein Isolates and SUPRO®

In today’s market, consumers are drinking protein-enriched beverages to support their general health, wellness and fitness goals.

SUPRO® is a new soy protein isolate, an exciting patent-pending ingredient innovation from Solae™ for powder and ready-to-drink beverages.

SUPRO® delivers the flavor performance, mouthfeel and nutritional performance critical for beverage applications in sports performance, weight management and clinical nutrition segments. SUPRO® is a high-quality, complete protein made with patent-pending technology that produces unique peptide amino acid sequences and functionality. This soy protein isolate includes lower levels of soy volatiles for a less beany flavor, higher solubility at neutral to slightly acidic pH ranges compared to other soy proteins, and a low viscosity profile similar to hydrolyzed proteins while avoiding their bitter flavor.

SUPRO® is a high-quality, complete protein that can be used to replace up to 100% of high value dairy proteins such as caseinates and milk protein isolates while maintaining or improving the overall sensory experience.

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