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Soy Protein Products

Solae™ was the first to introduce soy protein nuggets (or crisps) into nutrition bars, helping to build a category that is now more than a billion dollars in sales and growing. Taking the soy protein nugget to new levels, Solae™ is introducing two new protein nuggets in Europe:
  • A new protein multigrain nugget — SUPRO® Nugget 173 — using patent-pending technology for use in a variety of products including bars, snacks, baked goods, cereal, and more. The first soy nugget in the marketplace that combines protein and grains in a single nugget.
  • A new high protein soy nugget for nutritional bars, snacks, bakery products, cereals and more — SUPRO® Nugget 570. This is the first and only nugget in the marketplace that is 90 percent protein on a dry weight basis, making it the highest containing soy protein nugget currently on the market.

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