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Our portfolio of innovative sweetener meets today’s health awareness trend. Each sweetener offers specific physiological benefits within areas such as weight management and oral health, creating opportunities for food manufacturers to improve the nutritional profiles of everyday foods.  The ingredients are also suitable for use in dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of sweeteners and our wide application expertise, Dupont Danisco is a strong partner during the development of healthier food and beverage products – right from the initial concept to product launch.

Product range:
XIVIA™ Xylitol
Fructofin® Fructose

Key benefits in health & nutrition
In food and beverages, sweeteners can be used for the successful formulation of reduced calorie, reduced sugar, no added sugar or sugar free products.

DuPont Danisco sweeteners provide a great alternative to sucrose and due to their distinct sweetness profile, you can still enjoy your favourite food and beverages without sacrificing on taste.

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