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Food protection ingredients

We take food safety seriously. Combined with a good manufacturing process, our range of Food protection ingredients extends a food’s shelf-life – and keeps it pathogen-free.

Increasing shelf-life and eliminating pathogens
Today’s consumers want safe, long-lasting food. And Dupont Danisco antimicrobials help you achieve a long shelf-life for your products without complicating your manufacturing processes.

Antimicrobials kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms in food – without affecting the consumer. Dupont Danisco’s wide range of natural and synthetic antimicrobials ensures your food lasts longer and stays free of harmful pathogens.

Antimicrobials keep your food tasting, smelling and looking fresh; reduce waste during processing; and maintain consumer confidence in your brand.

Whether used as a topical rinse or an ingredient in the manufacturing process, our safe and effective antimicrobials are ideal for use in an array of foods and beverages. The right one depends on your product and market.

Low fat food without harmful pathogens
More and more consumers are looking for food that is low in saturated fat, and antioxidants make it possible for you to produce food that is convenient and healthy.

Antioxidant ingredients help prevent fats and oils from oxidising, which extends shelf-life and keeps food safe from harmful pathogens.

Dupont Danisco antioxidants will extend the shelf-life of your food, ensure consistent product quality from batch to batch and help preserve the food’s nutritional value – even in the complex processes common in modern convenience food production.

We produce three types of antioxidants: natural extracts, phenolics and vitamin-based ingredients. The right ingredient depends on your product.

Nature is stronger with science
Indeed, as we become acutely aware of the relations between the food we eat and our health, we tend to prefer food ingredients and protective agents produced by nature as opposed to synthetic additives. Therefore, natural technologies are well on the way to replacing synthetic preservatives, as new developments in science now allow us to identify their beneficial components.

Natural food protectants have been a focus area for some years for us. Now we have branded our comprehensive range under our Care4U™ label. Most of the ingredients manufactured by Dupont Danisco are of biological origin. And, because we firmly believe that “Nature is stronger with science”, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver ingredients of the highest quality, produced using the most modern processes and technologies. In this way, we help manufacturers meet important consumer demands for food that is not only natural but also superior in quality, taste, safety, convenience and affordability.

Did you know?

Today natural solutions account for 25% of the global €1 billion food protectant market and have an annual growth rate of 6-8% - around twice that of the food protection sector in total.
Did you know?
It is estimated that about a quarter of the world’s food supply is lost as a result of microbiological the United States alone, this represents an economic loss of $1 billion per annum.
Did you know?
It is estimated that 25% of the US population suffers from a foodborne illness each year [Mead at al. 1999, Food related to illness and death in the United States. Emerging Infectious Diseases 5, 607-625]
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