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Food Protection Services from DuPont

With over 200 years of safety expertise, DuPont is uniquely positioned to offer food protection solutions. Our food protection product innovations span 10 core business areas across the food value chain. DuPont is putting science to work to help meet the pressing food protection challenges faced by the world's food supply — from commercial seed and natural food ingredients to clean and disinfect technologies to packaging and pathogen testing. We've transformed the safety and healthfulness of the food system at nearly every link in the chain — globally. We take our job seriously to help our customers ensure that people everywhere have access to a safe, healthful and abundant food supply.

DuPont Qualicon is focused on making sure you have the right diagnostic tools to detect, trace and track unwelcome micro-organism in food and food production environments. Dupont Danisco provides you with ingredients such as antimicrobials to ensure additional food safety.

Pathogen Detection

The genetic-based BAX® System uses molecular PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology to quickly and accurately detect pathogens and other unwelcome organisms in food and environmental samples. » Learn more about advanced Pathogen Detection with the BAX® System
Salmonella Testing
DuPont Qualicon offers a wide product offering for detecting and tracking Salmonella in your products and processes. » Learn more about Salmonella Testing with DuPont Qualicon products
Microbial Identification
The RiboPrinter® Microbial Characterization System identifies the bacterial contaminant and provides information to help investigate, how a particular strain may have entered your process. » Learn more about Microbial Identification with the RiboPrinter® System
HACCP Food Safety
DuPont Qualicon technologies can help food producers to comply with their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plans for food safety. » Learn more about HACCP compliance with DuPont Qualicon technologies
Microbial Contamination
Removable Antimicrobial Coating (RAC) technology helps prevent the spread of bacteria. » Learn more about Antimicrobial Coating (RAC) technology
Industrial Disinfectant
DuPont™ Glycolic Acid is approved for meat, poultry, egg and other sensitive applications. » Learn more about DuPont™ Glycolic Acid
Food protection ingredients
Food protection ingredients
Extend your food product’s shelf life and keep it pathogen-free with antimicrobials, antioxidants, and natural food protectants. » Learn more about food protection ingredients.
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