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Microbial Identification and Characterization with the RiboPrinter® System

The DuPont™ Qualicon RiboPrinter® System is an automated tool for microbial identification and characterization that simultaneously identifies the species of unknown bacterial isolates and analyzes them at the strain level. Quality control labs in the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries value the RiboPrinter® System for tracking microbial contamination in their plants and helping to trace its source. Microbial isolates may be obtained from raw materials, in-process samples, the processing environment and finished products.

  • Generates RiboPrint™ patterns, which are genetic fingerprints of individual samples
  • Compares these patterns against others in the database to determine similarity or uniqueness
  • Includes identification libraries with over 6,900 RiboPrint™ patterns, representing 219 bacterial genera and more than 1,440 species and serotypes

Riboprinter® for microbial identification

RiboPrinter® System proves four popular tests wrong in Salmonella contamination.
When four different biochemical tests suggested a Salmonella contamination in meat-and-vegetable salads, the RiboPrinter® System correctly identified the organism as the mimicker Citrobacter freundii and saved the company nearly $350,000 in lost product costs.

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