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DuPont™ Formacel® foam expansion agents

DuPont™ Formacel® Z-4
foam expansion agent

DuPont™ Formacel® Z-4 (HFC-134a) is a nonflammable compound with zero ozone-depletion potential and negligible photochemical reactivity.

Formacel® Z-4 delivers superior quality and environmental performance to manufacturers of thermoset and thermoplastic foams. It is the preferred replacement for CFC- and HCFC- based foam expansion agents.

The use of Formacel® Z-4 in polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams also offers many benefits: improved foam dimensional stability, better insulation value at low temperatures, and excellent compatibility with plastic liners in appliances.

The properties of Formacel® Z-4 make it an excellent foam expansion agent for extruded polystyrene foam insulation board.

Non flammability Excellent insulation values Low permeation Non-ozone depleting Non-VOC Low molecular weight


Appliances Construction Marine Transportation Specialty Applications

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