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Resins in the DuPont™ Fusabond® product line are modified polymers that have been functionalized (typically by maleic anhydride grafting) to help bond together dissimilar polymers used in toughened, filled and blended compounds.

For Wood Alternatives

Create Innovative New Products

With DuPont™ Fusabond® polymer modifiers, you can create natural/wood plastic composite and other wood alternative products that are stronger, maintain their integrity through freeze/thaw cycles and have the impact resistance to withstand the rigors or heavy traffic.

DuPont polymer modifiers for wood alternatives provide performance and consistency needed for the manufacture of quality profiles and molded parts.

DuPont's extensive technical resources and copolymer customization skills can help you develop innovative wood alternatives and enter new markets or improve manufacturing productivity.

Typical Applications include:
· Decking & Railing
· Windows & Doors
· Decorative Trim & Moldings
· Automotive Parts
· Truck flooring
· Boardwalks & Docks

If you want to explore how we might work together to speed the development of your new idea or existing project, and for materials and manufacturing options that will shape your concepts and bring them to life, please contact us  .