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Resins in the DuPont™ Fusabond® product line are modified polymers that have been functionalized (typically by maleic anhydride grafting) to help bond together dissimilar polymers used in toughened, filled and blended compounds.

HFFR Coupling with DuPont™ Fusabond®

HFFR coupling in composite panel core compounds, as well as wire and cable jacketing, can be reliably achieved using DuPont™ Fusabond® functionalized polyolefins. Fusabond® coupling agents are especially helpful in highly mineral-filled compounds such as polyolefin matrices needing high concentrations of Mg(OH)2 or ATH.

Efficient HFFR coupling DuPont™ Fusabond® HFFR coupling agents enable efficient building panel core layer compounds incorporating high mineral filler loadings.

When compared with silane coupling agents or other grafted polyolefins, Fusabond® provides:

  • superior tensile strength and elongation at break of finished compounds;
  • lower gel content, for higher compound performance consistency; and
  • very low water absorption of finished compounds.

HFFR coupling efficiency

By combining superior compounding performance and consistent quality, DuPont™ Fusabond® can often be used in lower concentrations to achieve required properties a cost-effective filled compound.