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Building Innovations

Weather.  Heat.  Explosions. Time. Man-made and natural disasters.  These are all threats to the structural integrity of your buildings.  DuPont has extensive experience in Building Innovations, focusing on how the roof, walls and foundation of a building can work together to protect against these and other threats. 

DuPont knows that safety, strength and durability are priorities when Government builds or renovates facilities and residences in Canada or abroad.  For buildings subject to the most demanding security requirements, DuPont has created the DuPont StormRoom with Kevlar® that provides protection from tornadoes and wind-borne debris.  In addition, DuPont offers glass laminating solutions, such as the penetration resistant DuPont Spallshield® composite, the Butacite® PVB Interlayer, and the DuPont SentryGlas® Plus Interlayer, that help protect against break-ins, explosions and high-powered gunfire.  Both SentryGlas® Plus and Butacite® have recently been installed in embassies around the world.

Additionally, the unique properties of DuPont Tyvek® makes it ideal for a broad range of commercial and residential applications, including energy saving house wrap that helps infrastructures resist air filtration, water intrusion, chemicals, abrasion and aging.