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Through our commitment to science and research, DuPont has developed a wide range of solutions that help to protect military personnel, fire fighters, security agents, correctional officers and emergency medical services providers from man-made threats and natural disasters.

Our personal protection solutions encompass a wide range of military, industrial and emergency response applications, such as fragmentation vests, helmets, gloves, anti-mine boots, countermine suits, ballistic blankets, lightweight bullet and stab-resistant vests. 

We also provide flame-resistant turnout gear, emergency medical services wear, and station wear, made with flame-resistant NOMEX® brand fibers that will not melt, drip or support combustion, even at high temperatures. 


Our KEVLAR® fiber technology offers high strength – pound for pound, it is five times stronger than steel and offers four times the cut resistance of leather.  It also provides increased protection from bullets, fragmentation, punctures, cuts and tears. 

More recently, DuPont introduced KEVLAR® MTP technology specifically designed for the correctional facility environment, to protect against multiple weapon threats, including firearms, knives or puncture-producing weapons such as spikes, shanks or shivs and other handmade instruments.

DuPont is constantly assessing the needs of the government. It drives our science and thinking.


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