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Science of Personal Protection

Fibers that can resist flames. Material that helps protect against all kinds of punctures, tears and abrasions. Antiseptic wipes that can be effective against a wide range of pathogens.  Through a commitment to science and research, DuPont has developed a wide range of solutions that can help protect personnel from man-made and natural threats.

NOMEX® brand fiber is inherently flame-resistant, which means its thermal protection cannot be washed out or worn away. NOMEX® won’t melt, drip or support combustion in 5000F oven tests.   

Garments made of NOMEX® brand fiber help protect military personnel, firefighters and race car drivers alike.

KEVLAR® performance technology offers high strength—it is five times stronger than steel and offers four times the cut resistance as leather.  It can help protect against a wide range of natural and man-made threats, protects against bullets, fragmentation, punctures, cuts and tears.

Tyvek® and  Tychem®
Tychem® and Tyvek® garments are tested against a broad range of hazardous materials to determine permeation and penetration—critical tests for fabrics that are exposed to hazardous chemicals or particulates. Permeation occurs when a chemical is absorbed until it saturates one side of the material and then desorbs, or diffuses, to the other side of the material. Penetration tests are used to determine whether or not a fabric will leak or be able to block the passage of a particulate or chemical. By developing fabrics that pass these tests, DuPont helps protect first responders and government workers from hazardous liquids, vapors, gases and particulates.

Contamination Control
DuPont™ Contamination Control products are specially engineered to enhance productivity in today’s demanding biotechnology, pharmaceutical and electronics cleanroom environments.

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