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Science and Technology

At DuPont, we aim to address the food, energy and protection challenges of the world. It’s our belief that the method to solve these challenges comes from leveraging our core technologies in new ways—something we call integrated science. And it’s through this science, as well as collaborations, that we strive to develop products that meet and exceed customer expectations. We’re working with our government officials and agencies, and worldwide customers, to help them create the kinds of solutions that can meet the needs of an ever-growing population.

DuPont Core Technologies

To address the demands of a rapidly changing world, DuPont is looking to its own innovations. We’re mixing and matching our core technologies—chemical sciences, biological sciences and material sciences—to create unique, market-focused solutions that give our customers a sustainable and competitive edge. » More
Technology Organization and Infrastructure
Without research and development, many of our innovations wouldn’t be a reality. Spearheading this important part of the DuPont process is our unique Growth Council. This group of DuPont leaders helps evaluate, activate, staff, track, develop and, if necessary, terminate projects, to identify those that will be the most beneficial to our customers. » More
Innovation and Collaboration
It’s said that two heads are better than one. For our DuPont science team, those two heads are multiplied by the hundreds, and even thousands. We collaborate with federal, state and local agencies, universities, and companies of every size, to produce science-driven innovations that not only help a variety of industries, but seek to solve our global challenges. » More