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DuPont™ HPF Advanced Ionomer Resin Technology for Golf Ball Applications

Enabling new ball designs and performance with multi-layer thermoplastic core and mantle technologies

An emerging family of DuPont™ HPF high performance resins are poised to transform golf ball design and development through multi-layer resin core technology.  These HPF high performance resins are based upon a patented, advanced ionomer technology that enables unprecedented levels of ionic crosslinking.

The family of DuPont™ HPF resins offers a combination of high resilience and low compression previously reserved to thermoset polybutadiene rubbers, yet the HPF™ resins remain thermoplastic and can be injected molded into any layer of the golf ball core. 

As the golf ball industry trends towards multi-layer balls, HPF resins based upon this advanced ionomer technology will enable novel designs and innovative performance in next-generation multi-layer golf balls.

Injection moldable HPF high performance resins are homogeneous, allowing for more consistency and targeted performance from each thermoplastic layer.  Also, since these materials are lighter than the typical thermoset polybutadiene rubber used in golf ball cores, weight can be more easily shifted around with multilayer core technology, further enhancing the performance window for a new generation of golf ball designs.

Presently two grades are available:

  • HPF™ 1000 is targeted for high performance mantles
  • HPF™ 2000 is targeted for multi-layer core applications

Additional offerings continue to be developed to meet emerging market needs and to put additional tools into the golf ball engineer’s core development tool-box.