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Consumers want durable, quality products that perform, while manufacturers must meet these needs consistently as well as anticipate new developments. The remarkably broad set of DuPont products and services touch virtually every manufacturing industry, giving designers, builders and other manufacturing professionals the tools to create quality products that stay in use for decades.

DuPont science informs all its manufacturing products. This includes polymers that easily mold plastic or metal into next-generation designs, or brighter, more alluring textile dyes. It also means lubricants that lower maintenance costs by reducing equipment breakdowns and bacterial tests that prevent product loss by spotting contaminants.

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Apparel and Textiles

Create strikingly designed, unique, and durable cloth and fabric with DuPont custom polymers, resins and dyes. » More
Appliances and Tools
Design innovative, strong and dependable appliances using DuPont refrigerants, films and resins. Then pick from a set of coatings that ensure your creations stay clean and dazzle. » More
Ensure stable reactions, accurate performance and handling safety with DuPont chemical and personal protection products. » More
Comestics and Personal Care
DuPont delivers value-added, science-based packaging materials, ingredients, and innovative technologies to leading cosmetics, fragrances and personal care brands and their suppliers. » More
Electrical Equipment and Components
Use DuPont polymers, plastics and resins to create finely tuned equipment and ensure safe and consistent function with a variety of insulating woven fiber products. » More
Food and Beverages
Keep development areas free from contamination and ensure flawless food and beverage quality with extensive collection of DuPont products and consulting services. » More
Create virtually any furnishing, from living room couch to executive boardroom table to gallery showroom platform, with DuPont stone, resin and solid surface materials. » More
Industrial Equipment
Build durable and easy-to-maintain equipment with DuPont extensive industrial manufacturing products, including adhesives, lubricants, cleaning fluids and coatings. » More
Office Supplies

Ensure office furnishings and supplies perform optimally and resist wear and tear with DuPont design materials and coatings. » More

Paper and Pulp
Process paper and pulp flexibly, cleanly and safely with the DuPont collection of chemical maintenance and safety products. » More
Sporting Goods
Use the DuPont line of flexible, durable and moldable resins to make golf balls fly further, skis carve more sharply, and helmets absorb more impact. » More
Wood and Lumber
Extend life and improve performance of wood and lumber with DuPont polymers and composites while keeping employees safe with flame retardant suits and fibers. » More