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The first presence of DuPont in Hong Kong can dated back to 1949 when the Shanghai office was relocated here.  The official Hong Kong branch office, DuPont Far East Inc, was established in 1976 focusing on sales of fibers and polymers.  In 1979, a plant was built on Stonecutters Island manufacturing DuPont™ Tovex® water gel explosive to meet domestic needs in building massive transportation network including the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in the 80s.  The plant was later sold to Hutchison Whampoa in 1987 when the Company decided to divest the explosive business globally.

In September 1984, Du Pont China Ltd was established.  The main responsibility of the office was to capture the development opportunities in mainland China as it started to open up its market in early 1980s.  Executives from the Hong Kong office were dispatched to Beijing and Shanghai to set up representative offices.  The key objectives of these offices then were to liaise with key government authorities to explore business opportunities as well as to get a better understanding of the market situation.  The visiting team also helped set up company management policies, train and develop local employees. 
With a team of about 160, the Hong Kong organization is continuing its important role in supporting business development in the mainland, especially in the Pearl River Delta area. Over the years, the Hong Kong organization has also built up long-term partner relationships with major Hong Kong companies such as Meyer Corporation and with major property developers. 
As part of the efforts to decrease the dependency on fossil fuels, DuPont Apollo Global Thin Film Photovoltaic R&D Center was established at the Hong Kong Science Park in 2009 for the development of amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin film photovoltaic modules. This center is the first project under the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle”, which is spearheaded by the Shenzhen and HKSAR governments in 2007.