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Quick switch refrigerant delivers unprecedented versatility to replace R-22

Wilmington, Del., July 21, 2009

Seven decades of servicing cooling systems with R-22 is becoming history thanks to ISCEON® MO99™, the first versatile R-22 replacement refrigerant

ISCEON® MO99™ refrigerant, developed and patented by DuPont, combines similar R-22 pressure-enthalpy characteristics with mineral oil compatibility in a unique HFC refrigerant that can be used to replace R-22 over a wide range of evaporator temperatures. Here are the basic steps: recover the R-22, replace critical seals, charge the refrigerant, restart and monitor for leaks, and you’re done. Replacing R-22 can’t get any easier.

Extensive studies found a common desire among refrigeration and air conditioning equipment owners to eliminate costly and disruptive oil changes, minimize component replacements and to minimize time spent on control set point adjustments and subsequent expensive service calls. "We’ve listened to our customers and industry influencers and developed a unique HFC refrigerant to help ease the transition away from R-22" said Nick Strickland, Market Development Manager for the DuPont Refrigerants business.

ISCEON® MO99™ versatility reduces the cost of a refrigerant retrofit for a major supermarket up to $31,400 versus R-404A and up to $6,400 compared to the R-407A/C refrigerants. R-404A and R-407A/C require an oil change to polyol ester oil (POE), which can chemically scour carbon deposits from refrigeration lines. These deposits collect in thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) strainers and evaporator pressure regulator (EPR) valves and can require numerous service calls over a period of months. The service calls to clean the system initiated by the change to POE oil disturb the system and add additional post-retrofit costs. Also R-404A and the R-407A/C refrigerants operate at higher condenser pressures requiring technicians to adjust condenser set points. Higher condenser pressures require engineers to verify the system relief protection. ISCEON® MO99™ offers similar condenser and evaporator pressure settings to R-22, eliminating the need to change powerhead elements in the TXVs. ISCEON® MO99™ has a slight increase in TXV loading; however, properly sized TXVs will not have to be changed. ISCEON® MO99™ has comparable energy efficiency to R-22 and can be used in Direct Expansion (DX) systems only.

ISCEON® MO99™ has comparable GWP to R-407A/C refrigerants and has 42% lower global warming potential than R-404A.