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Research Triangle Park, NC, February 19, 2007

Picking Up the Latest Trend in Cell Phones

Wireless technology is expanding rapidly - from local area networks to cell phone networks to municipal area networks, from Global Positioning Systems to Bluetooth personal area networks to broadcast media, and beyond. The interesting challenge based on consumer demand is how to equip future cell phones to receive up to 15 different types of wireless signals (many of these simultaneously) in a smaller, lighter, more fashionable, and of course less expensive model design.

In order to help address how material science can proactively enable those designs, DuPont Electronic Technologies (ET) in Research Triangle Park, NC recently hosted The International Wireless Industry Consortium (IWPC), as part of an interactive technical workshop on handset technologies for multi-mode, multi-band cell phone antenna designs, sponsored by Sony Ericsson. About 25 key engineers from companies spanning the electronics value chain attended a tour of the facility. Representatives from five different business units within ET shared information on DuPont innovations for hybrid, rigid and flexible circuits, including material technologies enabling advanced packaging lithography and embedded passive designs.

"The visit gave us an important opportunity to understand more about the increasing challenges associated with handset antenna technologies, and how early collaboration with OEMs can benefit future handset designs," said Dave Miller, Vice President and General Manager, DuPont Electronic Technologies. "We’re looking forward to putting more of our science to work in future antenna designs - as cell phones continue to advance, the technology starts here, with materials from DuPont."

Download presentations to the IWPC: