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YieldMaster® 2000 Wet Lamination System

When it comes to the production of fine line features through a "print-and-etch" process, the issue is not whether the fine line pattern can be produced. The issue is whether the pattern can be produced at the required volume and at yields sufficient to be profitable.

  A. Wet lamination of a scratched panel
B. Conventional lamination at 200x
C. Superior conformation with YieldMaster® 2000 at 200x
Conformation of the dry film resist to the substrate becomes critical since imperfections in the patterns that were previously acceptable become the source of yield loss. To improve conformation, it is typical to either decrease speed at the lamination process (affecting productivity), preheat the substrate (adding capital and operating expense) or both. And these are not perfect solutions.

DuPont has developed the DuPont™ Yieldmaster® 2000 Wet Lamination System for both cut-sheet and hot-roll laminators. Yieldmaster® 2000 System is a combination of DuPont dry film photoresist and equipment to provide enhanced yields without loss of productivity or requiring additional capital investment and operating expense. First pass yield improvements in the 30%+ range have been demonstrated in the field.

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