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Riston® Product Selection Guide

Application Product Thickness (µm) Comments
Plating PlateMaster PM200  38 (PM240)
50 (PM250)
75 (PM275)
Robust adhesion and high productivity. For volume production of outerlayers in Cu, Sn, Sn/Pb plating.
Plating PlateMaster PM300  40 (PM340)
50 (PM350)
62 (PM362)
Next generation plating film with improved fine-line adhesion and superior adhesion.
Gold Plating GoldMaster GM100  75 (GM130)
100 GM140)
Thick plating resist for selective Cu, Sn/Pb and Ni/Au plating.
General Purpose MultiMaster MM100i 38 (MM115i)
50 (MM120i)
General purpose resist with high productivity, easy stripping. Alkaline etch and strong gold plating performance.
MultiMaster MM500  30(MM530)
General purpose resist. Strong performance in high pH alkaline etch and aggressive gold plating.
Riston® 200 38 (215)
50 (220)
Wide latitude alkaline etch and gold plating performance.
Acid Etch, Chemical Milling EtchMaster EM830 30(EM830)  High productivity, fine-line innerlayer perfoamce. Wet lam compatible.
Etchmaster EM213  32 (EM213) High productivity innerlayer film. Strong chem milling performance.
FX500  15 (FX515)
30 (FX530)
Thin resist for chemical milling and acid etch.
Acid Etch, Tent & Etch TentMaster TM200i  32 (TM213i)
38 (TM215i)
Good conformation and reliable performance acid etch innerlayers. Reliable tenting for tent & etch processes.
Fine Line Etching (innerlayer and tent & etch) and plating FX900  30 (FX930)
38 (FX940)
50 (FX950)
62 (FX962)
75 (FX975)
High tech/Fine line resist for below 75 µm lines/spaces. Excellent flow during lamination and insensitive to off-contact printing.
Selective ENIG FX250  50 (FX250) Specialty product for selective e-less Ni/Au plating.
Semi-additive Circuit Formation Riston® JSF 25(JSF25) Specialty product for semi-additive packaging applications. Superior adhesion to smooth copper.
Laser Direct Imaging  LDI400 30 (LDI430)
40 (LDI440)
50 (LDI450)
Specialty film for Laser Direct Imaging. 30 micron for acid etching; 40 and 50 micron for general purpose applications.
LDI500  30 (LDI530) Specialty product for Laser Direct Imaging. Ultra high photospeed.
LDI7000  30 (LDI7030)
40 (LDI7040)
Specialty product tent-and-etch and print-and-etch for Laser Direct Imaging. Superior tenting and adhesion.
LDI7200  50 (LDI7250)
62 (LDI7262)
75 (LDI7275)
100 (LDI7299)
Specialty product tent-and-etch and print-and-etch for Laser Direct Imaging. Cu/Sn,Cu/SnPb,Ni/Au plating.