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DuPont Canada's Sustainability Team

DuPont Canada's Sustainability Team  Within DuPont Canada, a cross-competency team of employees is working to advance the company’s 2015 Sustainability Goals in Canada.  The work supports DuPont’s mission to create shareholder and societal value while we reduce the environmental footprint along the value chains in which we operate. 

The team includes representatives from Safety, Health and the Environment, various Business Units and sites, Marketing and Sales Effectiveness, Regulatory Affairs, and Public Affairs.

The first piece of work was the development of a detailed plan, which established the team’s beliefs, philosophy, principles, strategy, and actions.  The team’s overall mission is to drive improved business results by establishing and reinforcing DuPont as a leader in sustainability in DuPont and in Canada.  This leadership will be evident both through reductions in our environmental footprint, as well as through market-driven science and innovation that enables us to deliver solutions that advance the sustainability of our customers and others. Effectively integrating the needs of society, the economy, and the natural environment – people, profit, and the planet – can create a significant competitive advantage.
The team strives to make DuPont a leader in sustainability by setting and meeting progressive goals that continually advance the company’s sustainability performance and by being transparent in communicating our progress.  The team engages employees so that they can become agents of the change in support of sustainability.  The team also seeks to proactively collaborate and partner with outside individuals and organizations, including those beyond our traditional relationships.  Some of these individuals and organizations are other businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government, and the media.