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DuPont car paints range which was launched in India in October 1995 has made great strides in developing customer loyalty for the brand in a wide cross section of bodyshops all over the country. Car owners appreciate the excellent color quality offered by DuPont.

In its effort to upgrade the skills of the refinishers in car dealerships DuPont has set up excellent training facilities at Savli(Vadodara) & Bangalore, in India. Regular training sessions are conducted and customers have felt the value addition DuPont offers to the trade in color matching and application skills.

The distribution network of DuPont stockist is wide and presently have more than 500 stockists across India . Key car manufacturer dealerships have installed the mixing system of DuPont Refinish and have benefited both in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction.

DuPont has been constantly adding to the product offerings in the dynamic refinish market. Some of the leading brands are DuPont™ Centari® , Standox®, Centari® LE , Imron®, Duxone® & Lucite®.

The coming years should see even greater number of cars being painted with DuPont paints in India.

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DuPont™ Centari®
DuPont™ Centari® LE
DuPont™ Imron®

DuPont Woodfairy: DuPont recently introduced our  "Woodfairy" range of coatings for wood in  India. The PU range in Woodfairy have been introduced first and are now available through our Channel network.   

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