DuPont India


Everyday, DuPont helps its customers outpace the competition by bringing the Miracles of Science™ to automotive design and development. This web site contains hundreds of case studies, detailing how DuPont brings innovative ideas and materials solutions to every major system of the vehicle.

Body & Exterior

DuPont Automotive offers an unparalleled breadth of expertise and materials for automotive body and exterior applications. » More
Whether you are looking for high-flow materials, designing in ribs for added stiffness or looking for high-heat, look to DuPont to help you successfully negotiate the path from concept to commercialization. » More
Hybrid & Electric Vehicles (HEV/EV)
The industry’s broadest portfolio of high-performance materials to cost-effectively develop safer, lighter, more energy dense battery systems quickly. » More
Electrical & Electronics
DuPont has a global presence in ceramics, engineering plastics, and specialty products for insulation, bearings and wire and cable.
» More
Fuel Systems
DuPont Automotive, along with DuPont Performance Elastomers, has created a road map for fuel system engineers to select the best OEM-approved material for every component from the fuel cap to the fuel rail. » More
The interiors experts at DuPont draw upon expertise in plastics, coatings, electronics and safety systems to help automotive designers meet all of these needs, and to create the automotive interiors of the future. » More
Combined with global design and technical expertise honored with dozens of awards for industry firsts and innovative applications, DuPont stands ready to put its materials and technology in motion for you – from concept to commercialization. » More
Safety Systems
When you are designing systems to protect those most precious to you, count on DuPont – where Safety and Innovation have been first for 200 years. » More
Thermal Management
DuPont's thermal management offering covers you from the radiator and engine cooling systems to cabin cooling and refrigerants – with materials, design and processing knowledge to enhance durability, reliability and reduce your overall systems cost. » More