DuPont India

Coating Applications

DuPont has been a pioneer in titanium dioxide technology for the coatings industry and ranks 1st among all titanium dioxide manufacturers in the fields of product quality, customer service, and production capacity.

The goal of our business is to utilize the breadth of capabilities and the depth of knowledge intrinsic to DuPont to enable our customers to be more successful. 

We strive to continually be:

-Innovative - Developing leading products for the coatings industry

-Enabling - Providing premier systemic solutions Insightful - Offering expert industry consultants.

Architectural Coating

TiO2 and our mineral products are used in a number of different areas in the construction and remodel market. You will find TiO2 white pigment in architectural paint in the areas of residential, commercial and industrial construction and remodel, where it provides paint manufacturers the abitiy to offer the wide variety of colors that are available today.

One of the most important features that TiO2white pigment provides in architectural paint is coverage. The more TiO2 that is in your paint, the better coverage you will get with that paint. For exterior paints, TiO2 provides durability and protection to the painted surface from ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.