DuPont India

Pond Liner Solutions

DuPont™ Xavan® Pond Liner, exceptionally robust yet light in weight and flexible, is made from Xavan® non-woven material, with a polymer coating.

Its unique double-coated structure offers high resistance to penetration or damage by roots. Owing to its high tensile strength and puncture resistance, Xavan® Pond Liner remains homogenous throughout its lifetime.

In comparison to alternative products Xavan® Pond Liner is very light. This makes installation easy, saves time, and requires less manpower.

Its flexibility allows for better and quicker finishing around complicated pond edges and in pipe connection. It also enables landscape architects to create more imaginative and complicated pond shapes.

Xavan® Pond Liner is chemically inert and does not leach, biodegrade or rot in aquatic flora. It is also highly resistant to attacks by acid and base solutions.

If installed properly Xavan® Pond Liner lasts up to 25 years, and is easily recyclable.


Exceptionally strong and flexible
Very light (1/2 weight of classical products)
Easy to cut and to install
Easy to weld and to repair/glue
Chemically inert
Standard Roll Sizes

Xavan® Pond Liner is available in the following sizes:
4 m x 33 m, 6 m x 33 m
8 m x 33 m, 12 m x 33 m
16 m x 33 m