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Titanium Technologies

DuPont Titanium Technologies is dedicated to creating better quality products and thereby enhancing the value of the coatings, paper, plastics, specialties and minerals markets through service, brand, and product. 

Our goal is to provide broader solutions that stretch beyond titanium dioxide (TiO2) and mineral technology, reaching through the value chain to the final consumers and to help them improve their business and operational performance. 

To achieve this goal, we intend to blur the organizational boundaries among our customers and their downstream businesses, our co-suppliers, and consumers. Through more effective collaboration, we seek to influence efficiencies along the value chain, create better knowledge, and to develop products that will help improve our world.


DuPont has been a pioneer in titanium dioxide technology for the coatings industry and ranks 1st among titanium dioxide manufacturers in product quality, customer service, and production capacity.

» Coating Applications
Since the 1950's DuPont Titanium Technologies has been dedicated to providing the plastics industry with products and services that solve your color, opacity and weatherability design issues.

» Plastic Applications
The DuPont™ titanium dioxide business is dedicated to creating greater, more rewarding value for the paper industry through our total offering of service and product superior to any in the industry. 

» Paper Applications