DuPont India

DuPont™ ReliaMotor™ and DuPont™ ReliatraN™

DuPont™ ReliaMotor™

DuPont™ ReliaMotor™ motor solutions offer a new electrical insulation system, delivering higher thermal and electrical reliability in inverter duty and highly rugged applications and targeted at niche applications in the industrial motor market. The eastern region of India has been selected as the introductory market due to the high concentration of target segment industries like metal, mining, power, material handling and chemical processes.

With higher reliability and performance of DuPont™ ReliaMotor™, motor users can look forward to reducing their operational downtime and hence reduce losses associated with motor failures like loss of production, cost of repair & replacement and cost of building up redundancy.
DuPont™ ReliatraN™ Transformer Solutions
DuPont™ ReliatraN™ branded transformers offer safe, reliable and
environmental friendly solutions for open ventilated dry type transformers.
With DuPont technology, these transformers are more fire safe, have legendary reliability against overloads and help reduce environmental foot-print by enabling user to recycle most of the active materials. 
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