DuPont India



WMD DuPont offers a complete line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that provides protection against toxic chemicals, biological toxins, and military warfare agents.


NFPA Compliant Ensembles

Complete ensembles certified to NFPA standards, specifically designed for response to terrorist incidents.

Tychem® TK

Specifically developed for protection against toxic chemicals, corrosive gases, liquids, and military warfare agents, available in the form of fully encapsulated suits, among a variety of others.

Tychem® Responder® & Tychem® Responder® CSM

With more than 230 specific chemicals tested to date, Responder fabrics offer the broadest level of chemical protection available in the market today.

Tychem® ThermoPro

The newest innovation in personal protection, combining NOMEX®'s flash fire protection with the chemical resistance of Tychem® into one dependable, durable garment.

Tychem® CPF3 HD

Tychem CPF3 HD provides protection from chemical warfare agents and toxic chemicals with an integrated glove system that enables First Responders to prepare more quickly.

Tychem® F

Tychem F provides protection against chemical warfare agents and a wide variety of toxic chemicals. Affordable and reliable protection, only from DuPont.


These disposable coveralls offer protection from hazardous dry particulates and meet CDC recommendations for low-risk Anthrax calls.

Decontamination shower 

Portable on-site decontamination.

Training Suits 

Inexpensive encapsulated suits used for training purposes.