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Teflon® Industrial Coatings

DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings are available in both powder and liquid form, and the versatility of these coatings allows for almost unlimited application to a wide variety of part sizes and configurations, always adding value far beyond the inherent nonstick qualities.

By combining heat resistance with almost total chemical inertness, excellent dielectric stability, and a low coefficient of friction, Teflon® industrial coatings offer a balance of properties unbeatable by any other material. It is the original nonstick finish. DuPont, the originator of Teflon®, has the worldwide resources to help you solve your coating problems.

Uses & Applications:

Semiconductor Manufacturing

DuPont™ Teflon® has always delivered the performance needed to become the material of choice for tools, equipment and systems that come in contact with aggressively reactive fluids, throughout the history of semi-conductor manufacturing. » More
Pharmaceutical and Biopharma Manufacturing
DuPont fluoropolymers are being used to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and biopharma manufacturing to produce multiple products while meeting the need for product purity, cleanability, durability and low maintenance costs. » More