DuPont India

DuPont™ Comformax™

Ensuring complete warmth and comfort, we have quilts, duvets and mattress pads made of DuPont™ Comformax™. The different features of Comformax™  are: Excellent warmth, amazing durability, soft and supple texture.

Anti- Microbial Quilts & Duvets

DuPont™ Comformax™ Quilts- They are unique polyfill quilts made in world class carding technology and impregnated with anti-bacterial silver nano-particles, which make the quilts extremely healthy and hygienic, yet provides the superior warmth and comfort.

Our advanced carding technology provides 4-5 times more fiberfill layers than other forms of insulation. Each single fiberfill layer is only 5~10g/sqm, and this true multi-layer structure is the secret of superior performance. These quilts made of DuPont™ Comformax™ comes in various colors and designs.

The different advantages that these multi layer structure quilts offers: 

• Excellent Warmth: Quilts made of Comformax™ offers excellent insulation value with amazingly low weight through the multi-layer structure. This unique feature makes micro fibers uniformly dispersed and creates more air pockets that increase insulating performance. 

Durability The quilts are known for their multi-layer fibres that are durable and recoverable after repeated laundering. Each layer function as an excellent barrier that helps in avoiding fiber migration.

 • Soft and Lightweight The best combination of micro fibers in each layer delivers incredible softness and lightweight, making these quilts comfortable and soft.

Mattress Warmers/Pads

We offer DuPont™ Comformax™ Mattress warmers/ pads that are a three layer combination of DuPont Tyvek® at the bottom that gives protection against allergies. These mattress warmers or pads have a layer of DuPont™ Comformax™ that gives extra warmth and comfort. The top layer of these products is of soft satin that gives the cotton feel which makes these mattress pad an ideal health product.
Winter Jackets

Jackets that use ComforMax™ as a polyfill for winter wears have the unique ability to give extra warmth without increasing the weight of the jacket. ComforMax™ as a poly wadding would not sag over the edges unlike conventional polyfill. Jackets made out of ComforMax™ are easily cut and sewn to perfection due to its uniform cross section. ComforMax™ for all the good reasons have been the choice of many global and local brands.