DuPont India

DuPont Automotive Offering, ready to enable India to excel in automobile manufacturing

Performance, aesthetics and safety are key components to compete in today’s automobile manufacturing. Through innovative materials and expert application development, DuPont works with partners to enhance the performance of vehicle systems, improving their sustainability and reducing their total cost.

Working with DuPont, manufactures can enjoy:

• New, longer-life, high temperature and chemically resistant materials to help downsize engines whilst maintaining, or increasing, their performance;
• Lightweight materials and innovative metal replacement ideas to help reduce vehicle weight for better fuel economy;
• Alternative fuel-resistant materials to embrace new, more bio-based fuels;
• Use of renewably-sourced materials with high performance characteristics;
• Development of low-emission materials that maintain their mechanical performance.

Through the India Innovation Center, local manufacturers can connect with our global engineers and scientists to collaborate on new products and ideas catering to the local needs of 250 million young urbanites who will be in constant demand for automobiles in the next five years. It is about time to plan and stay ahead of the market to capture the increasing opportunities.

Only through collaboration can we produce products faster to enter the market. With over 209 years of experience in using science to solve the world’s challenges, and now with the Innovation Center, DuPont will work closely with our Indian partners to move India to be amongst the top three automobile manufacturers by the year 2021, according to industry trends.

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