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DKC helps bring smiles on little ones

In a world where the race is to come first, little do we remember about the less privileged, especially children in rural parts of the world for who reliable and clean drinking water is a luxury.

This is a story that dates back to September 2008. That of Prakash, a nine year old studying class-three at the Tanda Primary School situated in a little village of Turkapalli close to DuPont’s Knowledge Center in Hyderabad in Southern India.

Prakash is one of more than three hundred children who face mundane day-to-day challenges that arise of poverty. Having a reliable and clean drinking water is one of the many basic needs these little children fought for until recently. The school where Prakash studies had no proper access to clean water, let alone clean drinking water and with hot summers so unforgiving, one can imagine the health issues the little children would face.

Tiny tots at the Tanda School aged between three and ten years

Prakash’s story started to change for the better, when a group of passionate and committed volunteers from DuPont Knowledge Center (DKC) decided to do bring about a difference in the lives of over three hundred children in the village.

Living up to their science and engineering background, close to twenty volunteers got together and put a plan to address the basic needs of the children. As a first step they started with the analysis of water that revealed significant levels of nitrate and fluoride that made the water unsafe to consume, across all three Government Primary in the village.

Well into their plan, volunteers deliberated and focused on a cost-effective water purification system. Given the condition of the schools, skill levels of the people likely to use the system and long-term solution in mind, the volunteers opted for a system that was easy to implement, operate and maintain.

The solution – a simple Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification System that would help filter out the Nitrate and Fluoride content, making the water cleaner and safer for consumption. RO systems were installed in the kitchens of each school, making it convenient for them to drink water and help cook food as well. Prior to the installation of the RO systems, food was cooked close to a drainage system – a completely unhygienic practice.

Room that houses the RO Water purification system-new water lines, civil and plumbing work were also undertakenMaking every drop count- The RO Water purification system

On enquiring about the RO system with the children of the school and Mr. Mallesh, the Sarpanch (local village representative), they were only pleased and happy with the efforts put in by the volunteers. Today children savor the simple joys of being able to drink clean and reliable drinking water when thirsty and not having to study with parched throats. Click here to see the video.

Prakash, whose life has now improved to a certain extent, is one of the happiest children around and expresses his desire to become a doctor when he grew up and serve the less fortunate people.


Happy faces – a reason to smile

Similar solutions have been successfully implemented by DuPont employees in two other schools, the Zilla Parishad Primary School and Harijanwada Primary School, helping quench the thirst of little children.

RO System at the Zilla Parishad School  RO System at the Temple       School

At a formal event held at the Tanda School, DuPont handed over the RO system to the school. The event was attended by school children and teachers and included a health and hygiene talk in the local language. Mr. Malesh, the Sarpanch of the village thanked the organization and its volunteers for their contribution to the community. Click here to read the press release.

At the Tanda School event: Children, local village people and DKC Employees

Homi Bhedwar, Director - DuPont Knowledge Center director says "Our teams at DKC are dedicated to improving the communities around us. We learn to value simple necessities like water, food, education and good living conditions only when we see the deplorable conditions in which these children live. We are glad we took this initiative and hopefully helped improve lives in some way”’

Amongst other initiatives, DKC also undertook the following at the Tanda School:
• Provide a water pipeline to the school
• Constructed a sump for underground water storage
• Installed a pump for the RO water treatment system
• Built new restrooms and provided water connections
• Re-installed children’s play equipment
• Provided fans
• Painted the whole school
• Conducted children's day celebration with competitions and prizes, distributed school bags and water bottles
• Rice storage bins

Today, DuPont globally through financial contributions and the active volunteer participation of employees provides support to programs and non-profit organizations that address one or more components of community sustainability.

About DuPont Knowledge Center, Hyderabad, India
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