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December 2, 2009
DuPont Announces World's Most Popular Car Colors
DuPont announced that silver, black and white are the top colors in the first-ever ranking of worldwide vehicle color popularity. Now in its 57th year, the annual DuPont Global Automotive Color Popularity Report is the original and most authoritative source for automotive color popularity information and trends with detailed breakdowns for the top automotive markets as well as this year’s newly announced top global colors. » More 

October 30, 2009
DuPont™ Teflon® Fabric Protector arrives in India in its new “Avtaar”
DuPont India introduces the new marketing campaign for DuPont™ Teflon® Fabric Protector entitled “My Life History”, together with leading domestic apparel brands in India. The new campaign reinforces the outstanding stain management properties of Teflon® fabric protector combined with a new chemistry that is kinder to the environment. Teflon® fabric protector means less washing, less water, lower wash and dry temperatures, less energy, less wear and tear, and that can mean less impact on the planet. » More

September 18, 2009
DuPont Accelerating Rate of Productivity through New Plant Breeding 
DuPont today announced the addition of four new seed research centers, as well as expanded operations at three existing facilities within its Pioneer Hi-Bred business. These include corn research facilities in India (in Udaipur, Rajasthan and Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh) and in China (Beijing) as well as a multi-crop center in Ukraine for corn, canola and sunflower research. Existing research operations are also being expanded with cotton joining pearl millet and rice as crops with research programs in Hyderabad, India. » More

August 11, 2009
DuPont Launches Disease Control Solution for Grape and Potato Farmers in West India 
DuPont Crop Protection today launched a new product that will provide solutions for disease control to grape and potato grower farmers in the state of Maharashtra. DuPont™ Equation™ Pro fungicide, a revolutionary new disease control product for grapes helps optimize the grower’s potential to produce high quality, high yielding crops. » More

June 25, 2009
DuPont Adds Cotton to India Seed Product Lineup 
DuPont today announced it has made two cotton acquisitions in India to enhance its product lineup and strengthen its growing business here. DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred has purchased the cotton seed business of Nandi Seeds, based in Mehboob Nagar, Andhra Pradesh, India, and acquired cotton germplasm from Nagarjuna Seeds, based in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. » More

April 2,2009
DuPont launches long lasting Insect Control solution for Cotton farmers in north India 
DuPont India today launched a new product that will provide long lasting solutions for insect control for cotton farmers in the state of Rajasthan. DuPont™ Coragen™ insecticide, a revolutionary new insect control product, optimizes the grower’s potential to produce high quality, high yielding crops. Powered by Rynaxypyr™, a breakthrough new chemistry from DuPont, Coragen™ has high efficacy and an excellent environmental profile, setting a new standard for insecticides in India. » More

March 3, 2009
Syngene and DuPont Crop Protection Forge Alliance Partnership
Syngene International, a subsidiary of BIOCON Group, Indian biotechnology major, announced today its agreement as alliance partner with DuPont Crop Protection. Syngene has been a preferred research service provider to DuPont Crop Protection primarily in the field of discovery chemistry and biology and will now provide integrated research services, through its “one box” model, covering a broad range of R&D technical capabilities to support DuPont’s discovery pipeline. » More

March 2, 2009
GVK  Biosciences  Appointed  Strategic  Alliance  Partner  for  Crop  Protection Chemistry  in  India  by  DuPont Crop  Protection
 DuPont  Crop  Protection  announced  GVK  Biosciences,  Asia’s  leading  Contract  Research  Organization,  as  a  Strategic  Alliance  Partner  for  Discovery  Chemistry  Services  in  India.  Both  the  companies  have  been  working  together  for  more  than  5  years  and  a  dedicated  Discovery  Chemistry  team  is  in  place  to  wrk  on  DuPont’s  various  R&D  initiatives.  » More

February 17, 2009
DuPont introduces ReliaMotor™ motor solutions for industrial motor segment
DuPont today announced the launch of ReliaMotor™ motor solutions in India. DuPont™ ReliaMotor™ motor solutions offer a new electrical insulation system, delivering higher thermal and electrical reliability in inverter duty and highly rugged applications and targeted at niche applications in the industrial motor market. » More

February 6, 2009
DuPont Named Among World’s Business Leaders in Ethics Reputation
DuPont has been named among the world’s leaders in ethics reputation, earning first place in its industry sector and 10th overall among more than 500 multinational companies, according to the annual global Covalence Ethical Ranking Report. » More

February 5, 2009
DuPont creates a Center of Excellence for its Engineering Polymers business in India to accelerate growth 
DuPont Engineering Polymers, a business unit of DuPont, announced the creation of a Center of Excellence to accelerate growth in the region, which is among the fastest growth markets for the business and for the company. The new Engineering Polymers center of excellence will support development and extension of the latest engineering polymer technologies and share acquired knowledge among regional application and industry teams for business growth. » More