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DuPont™ Nomex®

DuPont™ Nomex®, a revolutionary, heat and flame resistant fiber, provides protection to millions of people and processes worldwide. Firefighters and emergency personnel around the world have relied on flame resistant turnout gear, EMS wear, Stationwear and accessories made of Nomex® brand fibers for over 40 years.

Find out why Nomex® brand fiber is used across a diverse range of applications, from filtration and electrical insulation to flame resistant clothing. 

Flame Resistant Clothing made with Nomex®

DuPont is committed to protecting people with innovative flame resistant clothing made with Nomex® brand fiber. » More

Energy Solutions

Nomex® technology provides reliability in the most demanding electrical applications. » More

Hot Gas Filtration

Nomex® brand fiber: A world class leader in hot gas filtration applications. » More

Nomex® Industrial Applications

Nomex® brand fiber is the product of choice in a wide range of high-temperature applications. » More