DuPont India

Community Activities


Program 1:  Support ‘Academy for Street & Working Children’ for education material only
DuPont India has sponsored the ‘Academy for Street & Working Children’ for providing basic education to the urban street children of migrant laborer families since 2007.  Being an excellent program for ‘slum children’ it supports them to move to a better and healthier life, thus continuing to develop a positive sustainable environment in the community.  We would like to be associated with the Academy and continue to support this education program drive with the partner – Humana People to People, for providing the educational material

Program 2:    Save The Life of a Child – (Support 5Children) -
DuPont India will partner with Genesis Foundation (NGO) on a ‘fund raising‘ program, the proceeds of which would be used to provide support to children, who need medical help, as their parents cannot afford to raise the medical expenses required.   We would be particularly keen to be associated with this program, as this program gives the company a platform to associate with other organizations who are also interested in the initiative, and with the overall fund raised at the event, a larger children community group, requiring medical attention can be covered.  The partner would share the names of children who need medical attention with DuPont.  DuPont would select the children post discussion with the NGO on the medical condition of the child. Complete monitoring of the child’s health at the government hospital would be done by the partner and reports would be shared with DuPont


Program 1:  Borewell in Melur Panchayat

The DuPont Madurai site will partner with the local village panchayat (Melur Gram Panchayat Union) to provide a borewell for one of the villages that fall under this constituency. The village authority will guide the site on the location, where the borewell needs to be done, and will provide any other necessary support required.

The borewell that is currently available is not enough for the village members.  Through this community support, the site can influence the villagers and also strengthen the rapport with the panchayat authorities to do many good things for the local community in future, as they can provide good information on where all community services can be offered

Program 2:  Upgrading the classroom in Govt Classroom in Therkutheru

The Govt. High school in Therkutheru have few classrooms which are badly damaged and children often sit outside. Through this project, we can provide a good class room to the school where the children can have a good atmosphere and means to learn better.


Program 1 : Construction of fencing wall around the school (Nimesara Village)

Soil erosion is a major problem at the local school, and because of this the sustainability of the building is at threat. The fencing wall will restrict the soil erosion and will provide security to the students and the school assets. 

Program 2 :  Provide a water cooler to the primary School of Manjusar Village

The school has a water tank with installed RO. The children are getting clean and hygienic drinking water with the available facility.  But, during the summer when the temperature goes above 44 degrees, it is really tough to drink the hot water.  The water cooler will provide cool drinking water during the summer time. The installation of the water cooler will help in providing cool, clean and hygienic drinking water to the school children during summer.

Program 3 : Upgradation of Savli Police Station

The Savli police station does not have facilities like chairs, tables for their police personnel. By providing these basic facilities the police personnel will be able to help in the smooth day-to-day functioning of their activities. This police station is part of the taluka and it is providing support to the Savli industrial area. Police personnel is an important part of the society as they maintaining the law and order in the society. 

Program 4 : Providing educational facilities to Alindra Primary School

The school does not have the basic facilities like writing board, cupboard to store materials, chairs to sit, etc. By providing all these facilities we will help in providing better educational facilities to the students.. By up gradation of infrastructure the school can attract more students to school and will help in increasing the literacy of the village

Traffic Awareness through display hoardings

DuPont Savli site will collaborate with the Traffic Department of Vadodara to enhance traffic awareness among the local citizens on driving safety hazards.  The city roads of Vadodara and the driving conditions are quite unsafe due to negligence of traffic rules by the riders. Several accidents happen, thus leading to disability or fatality of the person involved in the accident.  Looking at this scenario, it is important to increase the road safety awareness of the society, to prevent the injury, disability and death. The society will get benefited by the awareness and which will result in changing the behavior of the citizen towards road safety. 


Provide clean drinking water and storage facilities:
Improvement of kitchen areas (clean, enclosures, cement stove):
Improve sanitation facilities (doors, water connections, tree plantations):     
Improve security (fixing doors/windows, and for DuPont provided services):  
Organize inter-primary school (3) sports/painting competition:
Other activities (charts, blackboard painting, plugging holes on roofs, see-saw/swing, lunch plates, slates): 


DSCI, Hyderabad to adopt local neighbourhood school - Govt Upper Primary School in Secunderabad, to provide educational material support to the school and children, thus encouraging the students to attend school, study and contribute in building a better community and society.