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DuPont Innovation Awards: Entry rules and Conditions

It is a condition of entry that you have read and accepted the entry rules and conditions.

1. Acceptance of an entry in to the competition is at the sole discretion of DuPont to the extent that DuPont can refuse to accept or reject any entry without providing any reason.

2. Entries must be submitted typed into the entry forms that can be downloaded from and saved onto a CD. Please provide 6 x hard copies of the completed entry. Each entry may be accompanied by supporting material such as sound or video recordings onto a separate DVD. Alternatively, samples of the innovation may be included with the entry itself. All entries must include image/s of the innovation as high-resolution (300dpi) JPG or TIFF file saved onto CD. All entries should be posted to the Awards Managers at the expense of the entrant.

3. More than one entry from an entrant may be submitted in any category but must be for different products/designs.

4. Past entrants are not eligible to re-enter the same entry in subsequent years.

5. Entries will be considered from innovations shown to be in commercial use, marketed or test marketed within Australia and New Zealand. Enter only those innovations that have been in commercialised between 1 January 2008 and 31 March 2010.

6. The CSIRO Young Innovator category recognises the design of something new, a new idea, innovation, new method, technology, application, product or service by a tertiary student (undergraduate or post graduate) in any one of the award categories completed while undertaking studies in the period between January 1 2008 and November 12 2010.

7. The prize for the CSIRO Young Innovator Award will be up to AUD $20,000 of lab time as determined by The CSIRO. This prize is not redeemable for cash.

8. Entries must not exceed 2000 words (including the executive summary). Entries of more than 2000 words will not be accepted. Appendices are inclusive of the 2000 word limit excluding graphs and creative work.

9. The decision of the judges will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

10. The entrant acknowledges and agrees that DuPont does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions reproduced in the presentation or the winners supplements, or for work lost, or damaged under any circumstance.

11. Except for the category finalists and winners, which will be retained by DuPont, all other entries accepted into the competition may be destroyed. The entrant grants DuPont permission to show the entries at the DuPont Awards Presentation and at such other places and at times as deemed appropriate in the sole discretion of DuPont. No entry will be returned to the entrant.

12. With the exception of the CSIRO Young Innovator category, innovations that have not been commercialised are not eligible.

13. Awards are contingent upon the entrant permitting DuPont or its agents to publish sufficient information about the entry so that the general public can understand it; this information may be used for promotional purposes for the awards.

14. Entries involving applications in contact with food or pharmaceuticals must qualify under appropriate food and drug administration or pharmaceutical regulations. Such qualifications must be noted on the entry form.

15. Entries may be submitted by representatives of a company or independent professionals who, working alone or in a team, are primarily responsible for the innovation.

16. Joint entries that represent the work of several companies are accepted and where approval or accreditation is required by either company, this will remain the sole responsibility of the entrant/s. DuPont or its award managers will bear no responsibility for obtaining any correct accreditation as to the origination of any entries. Only one trophy will be awarded and this will be to the entrant that has made the submission.

17. Current DuPont employees or their immediate family members are not eligible to enter. Former employees may enter but may not submit entries based on their work at DuPont.

18. Entries must be in English.

19. The submission of all relevant information to the judges is the responsibility of the entrant however judges may seek further information or clarification if necessary.

20. The judges reserve the right not to award finalists or winners within categories or to move entries within categories.

Proprietary information

Information Contained in Submission

In submitting information the entrant agrees:

(i) DuPont and the judges will use information disclosed in submissions and entries for evaluating the entry.

(ii) Information contained in submissions and entries may be used by DuPont or its agents in preparing press and promotional information describing the winning entries.

(iii) Each entry is submitted in expectation of winning the competition and the subsequent publication of press and promotional information describing the entry.  DuPont may develop potentially publishable articles including such information and offer them for publication. 

(iv) No guarantee of confidentiality can be provided, however if there is information associated with an entrant's submission that the entrant wishes to remain confidential, the entrant should first contact the DuPont Innovation Awards Manager - Two de Force on the number set out below.