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DuPont Innovation Awards: entering the awards

The DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards recognise the commercialisation of outstanding science and technology. Learn more on how to enter the awards.

Key dates

Call for entry opens - 1 August 2010
Call for entry closes - EXTENDED TO 16 DECEMBER 2010

Finalists notified - March 2011
Awards presentation - Friday 13 May 2011 in Melbourne

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Read the terms and conditions


The DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards recognise the introduction of something new, creative and valuable - a new idea, method, technology, application, product or service. The innovation must have been first ordered and/or adopted for commercial use in Australia and/or New Zealand between 1 January 2008 and 31 March 2010.

CSIRO young innovator of the year award eligibility
Recognises a tertiary student (under or post graduate) who has designed an innovative technology, product or service in any of the award categories while studying between 1 January 2008 and 31 March 2010.

All entries, both student and open, must demonstrate how the innovation:
  • improves Australia and/or New Zealand’s competitiveness
  • illustrates Australia and/or New Zealand’s innovative spirit
  • demonstrates tenacity ie: having been sustained against all difficulties;  was challenging, demanding or complex
  • improves environmental sustainability

All entries will be specifically judged on the following criteria:
  1. degree of innovation
  2. scope of application (current and potential)
  3. commercial significance and benefit (current and potential)
  4. degree of collaboration
  5. environmental sustainability

All entries must include an executive summary of no more than 200 words summarising the innovation.

For information on how to submit your entry please refer to how to apply, entry rules and conditions and complete the application form. Applications must be submitted by 12 November 2010.
How to apply
The entry will be judged on the answers to the questions below. However, you may include additional features and benefits if they are appropriate to your entry. When submitting your entry, each question must be answered separately with consideration to the points under each question. The entry must be completed in fewer than 2000 words.

All posted entries MUST include:
  1. The completed entry application form must be saved onto a CD in word format answering all entry questions.
  2. 6 x Hard copies of the fully completed entry application (as above).
  3. Image/s  of your innovation and/or to support your entry saved as high-resolution (300dpi) JPG or TIFF files saved onto CD.
NB: Entries may also include DVDs showing video demonstration/s of the innovation. Where available, samples of the innovation may be sent with the entry.

1. Executive Summary

Summarise  your entry in no more than 200 words. Describe your innovation and explain to judges why it is worthy of an award.

2. Degree of innovation
  • Describe  your innovation.
  • Is there a patent on your innovation? Please provide details.
  • How does it differ from other products, applications or processes in
      commercial use in Australia &/or New Zealand?
  • To your knowledge, has your innovation also been adopted in countries other than Australia or New Zealand?

3. Scope of application (current and potential)
  • What industrial or consumer markets have adopted or might adopt your innovation?
  • How large are these markets in Australia and/or New Zealand? Globally?
  • How did cost have an effect on adoption?

4. Commercial significance and benefit (current and potential)
  • Describe how your innovation satisfies important or unfilled needs.
  • When was your innovation first commercialised in Australia and/or New Zealand?
  • What was the value your innovation delivered to your target market?
  • Support the technical validity of claims by providing results of tests, technical literature, data or documented performance in commercial applications.

5. Collaboration
  • Have you collaborated with other partners in the development of your innovation? Please provide details of the collaboration.

6. Environmental sustainability

Please describe the sustainability benefits of your innovation to industry and consumers.
These benefits could include but not be limited to:
  • use of renewable resources
  • source reduction
  • lower energy consumption
  • waste reduction
  • water treatment
  • recycleability

7.  List any DuPont product(s) used in the innovation (if applicable).

NB: All categories are open and it is not a requirement of entry to have used DuPont products in your innovation. This award is independently judged and assessment will not be based on the entry having any affiliation with DuPont.
Entries will be judged by a panel of independent experts, representing academia, construction and architecture, the food, nutrition and agricultural industries, sustainable energy, building, construction, polymer science, industry associations or the industry trade press. The decisions of the judging panels are final.
Closing date
Entries must be received by 4pm Friday 12 November 2010.
Additional entry information
DuPont Innovation Awards event manager – Two de Force
Attention: Call for entry
Studio 1, 53 Great Buckingham Street,
Redfern, NSW 2016 Australia
Tel:  +61 2 9281 8788