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DuPont announces finalists in 2010/2011 DuPont ANZ Innovation Awards

DuPont Australia Ltd has announced the finalists in the 2010/2011 DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards.

connexBuilding Innovation
Connex light fitting, 300K Enterprises
The Connex is a quick disconnect/reconnect light fitting that allows the safe replacement of pole mounted lights in the field, eliminating the risk of electric shock without the need to turn the power off.  The Connex allows light fittings to be replaced matter of minutes thereby reducing maintenance cost.

FLATFLAT® hydraulic leveling and stabilisation technology, Flat
Hydraulic leveling and stabilisation technology that smoothly and efficiently allows any application with legs to adjust to the surface it is placed on, locking the legs and keeping the application leveled and steady.  FLAT® is a universal technology that can be used in a variety of applications, saving time and money related to leveling issues.

MRCMelbourne Recital Centre and MTC Theatre, Major Projects Victoria
Innovative concepts, technologies and building materials, creative architecture and construction methods were used for the spectacular Melbourne Recital Centre and Melbourne Theatre Company Theatre in Victoria. The result is an iconic building that delivers world class venues and features state of the art performance spaces and amenities.

Agriculture and Food Production

intelliseedIntelliSeed™, AgTechnix
Intelliseed™ is a combination of sophisticated covert DataTraceDNA technology, overt DataDot technology and seed coating technology that provides high security identification and authentication system that can be applied to agricultural assets, seeds and products. The system enables users to easily identify their property and help prevent counterfeiting, product diversion and false warranty claims.

boomerooSeedling chemical delivery system, Boomaroo Nurseries
The system is a fully automated and highly accurate chemical delivery system for seedlings. The chemicals are applied remotely in an enclosed chamber in highly accurate and small doses, minimizing chemical waste and pollution, increasing efficiency and reducing OH&S issues. This means that companies can deliver seedlings treated to growers needs on demand.

superexSuperEx, a portable supercritical fluid processing plant, Industrial Research Ltd
The Industrial Research Ltd’s SuperEx is a world first portable supercritical extraction pilot plant that allows high value extracts to be rapidly produced from waste materials and natural feed stocks. The plant enables organizations to develop new products on their own site, using their own operators, without investing large capital sums in their own plant.

Performance Materials

Bird deterrent technology, Grasslanz Technology
The product is a natural fungus that lives off grass and produces chemicals that make birds feel sick when ingested but do not harm them. The birds are quickly deterred from flocking in that area effectively reducing the number of birds in grassed areas especially around airports, thus reducing the potential for bird strikes.

The Freedom Wheelchair, Lu Papi and Associates
The Freedom Wheelchair was designed to be the most versatile wheel chair on the market, with no centre axle or cross brace between the wheels, making it a true everyday wheelchair. It can be used in many situations a traditional chair cannot. The versatility is because advanced nanomaterials were used in its manufacture, making it ultra light, multifunctional and elegant.

DA012 resin, Dotmar
DA021 is a fluoropolymer based composite resin designed for high wear applications. Made specifically for use in mining applications, this material significantly outperforms traditional thermoplastics. Formulated from low friction materials, DA021 is more resistant to wear and heat, offering extended service life and reducing down times, maintenance and replacement costs.

Design for a sustainable future

Polymer Injection Technology for ‘green’ steelmaking, UNSW / One Steel
This technology is used in steel manufacturing and enables a significant proportion of coke to be replaced with carbon-rich, rubber/plastic waste material feedstock. Electric Arc Furnaces are responsible for 40% of the world's steel production, and using such feedstock can reduce landfill, power consumption and greenhouse gasses, while increasing steel production.

BlueGen™ electricity generator, Ceramic fuel Cells
BlueGen™ is an Australian designed mini power station for homes and small commercial buildings. About the size of a dishwasher, BlueGen™ uses ceramic fuel cells to convert natural gas into electricity and heat for hot water. BlueGen™ has achieved the world’s highest electrical efficiency in small scale electricity generation, delivering very large carbon savings and lower energy costs.

Pyrolysis Technology, The Crucible Group
The Crucible Pyrolysis Technology is a pyrolysis reactor system that allows the use of un-dried biomass feedstock and eliminates the need for the additional drying and gas treatment step in existing technologies. The reactor produces clean gas for power generation, and biochar for soil improvement at improved efficiency and significantly reduced capital costs.

Medical and Healthcare

CoolMe™ Vest for combating heat stress, GRW Industries
The CoolMe™ vest is a personal cooling garment designed to address the impact of heat stress in the workplace. The CoolMe™ vest can be activated simply by adding water and without the need for any pre-freezing or soaking in iced water. It is a single use disposable product which minimizes hygiene issues and maintenance costs.

Encircle® compression therapy for Chronic Venous Disease, Locus Research Ltd & The Merino Group
The Encircle® Compression therapy is a two layer non-invasive garment clinically proven to help in safely preventing and treating Chronic Venous Disease (CVD) by controlling the amount of fluid in the tissue, blood velocity in the veins and integrity of the skin and wound environment. CVD is a disorder of the lower extremities and affects an estimated 40% of the population. 

SIM™ remote incontinence monitoring system, Simavita
A new method of remotely monitoring incontinence events, SIM is the medical equivalent of a control dashboard for nursing homes and makes monitoring simpler, more accurate and less disturbing. A wearable sensor and communication device allows real time monitoring of status. By sending alerts and data, sophisticated software allows the development of a personalized plan for each resident.

CSIRO Young Innovator

Transparent superhydrophobic coatings, Kwun Lun Cho, University of Melbourne
A super hydrophobic, or water hating coating that has been fabricated in a single step process using advanced nanotechnology techniques. This coating mimics that of a lotus leaf, repelling water completely as well as being self cleaning, resistant to ice formation and adhesion, has anti fouling properties, and retains optical transparency.

Fabrication of of low cost solar cells using nanocrystal inks, Brandon MacDonald, University of Melbourne
A low cost production technique for the manufacture of highly efficient solar cells utilising nanocrystal inks deposited in a layer by layer approach. This technology offers many benefits over traditional manufacturing techniques; simpler and more flexible process techniques, lower processing temperatures and shorter processing times that can result in significant savings in manufacturing costs.

Producing metallic nanoparticles using plant seed exudates, Audra Lukman, University of Sydney
An alternative method for the production of metallic nanoparticles has been developed that utilizes phytochemical compounds liberated from edible seeds during germination.  Using this technique, silver nanoparticles with different shapes and sizes can easily be produced.  The technique offers a sustainable, greener alternative to chemical reliant, energy and cost intensive production practices.