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2010/2011 DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Award winners

DuPont Australia Ltd has announced the winners of the 2010/2011 DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards.

Building Innovation
MRCMelbourne Recital Centre and MTC Theatre, Major Projects Victoria
Innovative concepts, technologies and building materials, creative architecture and construction methods were used for the spectacular Melbourne Recital Centre and Melbourne Theatre Company Theatre in Victoria. The result is an iconic building that delivers world class venues and features state of the art performance spaces and amenities.

Agriculture and Food Production
intelliseedIntelliSeed™, AgTechnix
Intelliseed™ is a combination of sophisticated covert DataTraceDNA technology, overt DataDot technology and seed coating technology that provides high security identification and authentication system that can be applied to agricultural assets, seeds and products. The system enables users to easily identify their property and help prevent counterfeiting, product diversion and false warranty claims.

Performance Materials
Bird deterrent technology, Grasslanz Technology
The product is a natural fungus that lives off grass and produces chemicals that make birds feel sick when ingested but do not harm them. The birds are quickly deterred from flocking in that area effectively reducing the number of birds in grassed areas especially around airports, thus reducing the potential for bird strikes.

Design for a sustainable future
BlueGen™ electricity generator, Ceramic fuel Cells
BlueGen™ is an Australian designed mini power station for homes and small commercial buildings. About the size of a dishwasher, BlueGen™ uses ceramic fuel cells to convert natural gas into electricity and heat for hot water. BlueGen™ has achieved the world’s highest electrical efficiency in small scale electricity generation, delivering very large carbon savings and lower energy costs.

Medical and Healthcare
SIM™ remote incontinence monitoring system, Simavita
A new method of remotely monitoring incontinence events, SIM is the medical equivalent of a control dashboard for nursing homes and makes monitoring simpler, more accurate and less disturbing. A wearable sensor and communication device allows real time monitoring of status. By sending alerts and data, sophisticated software allows the development of a personalized plan for each resident.

CSIRO Young Innovator

Fabrication of of low cost solar cells using nanocrystal inks, Brandon MacDonald, University of Melbourne
A low cost production technique for the manufacture of highly efficient solar cells utilising nanocrystal inks deposited in a layer by layer approach. This technology offers many benefits over traditional manufacturing techniques; simpler and more flexible process techniques, lower processing temperatures and shorter processing times that can result in significant savings in manufacturing costs.