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Welcome to the Global Collaboratory

The DuPont network of global Innovation Centers introduces a new approach to innovation and collaboration. The network is designed to allow our customers, governments, NGOs, universities, and other strategic partners to collaborate with us to solve both regional and global issues.
Innovation Centers bring to life the problem-solving power of private/public alliances, serve as a catalyst for growth, and serve to uncover unmet needs that will improve the lives of people everywhere.
Through our innovation centers, collaboration partners can connect with a network of more than 9,500 scientists and engineers across the globe located in over 150 research laboratories and application development centers to work on solutions to meet critical challenges. This connection between scientists, engineers and top industry experts enables identification of local needs, anticipation of market trends, and the rapid development of innovative solutions.
Each of our Innovation Centers contains two dedicated spaces:
  • In the Collaboration Space, collaboration partners and our scientists can discuss and exchange knowledge. It is where we expect solutions to be nurtured and delivered.
  • In the Innovation Space innovations focusing on various industry needs are displayed, demonstrating the latest technology offerings, applications, and industry trends. It allows our collaboration partners to visualize possible directions when working to meet industry needs.
In these Innovation Centers new-to-DuPont and new-to-the-world solutions become a reality through collaboration with our customers, partners, government, and other organizations.