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Interra® Embedded Passive Materials
Product Comparison Guide

Interra™ HK 04J – Thin Planar Embedded Capacitor Laminate
Pyralux® APR
Embedded Capacitor-Resistor Laminate

Key Technical Features
  • Unfilled polyimide copper clad laminate
  • Dielectric thickness =
    - 25 micron (1 mil),
    - 18 micron (0.7 mil),
    - 12 micron (0.5 mil)
  • Laminate resistor values: 25, 50, 100 and 250 W/ square Cu foils with pure polyimide dielectric
  • Combines the highest reliability resistor and dielectric materials
Commercialization Status
  • 12, 18, 24 micron dielectric versions commercial; many copper choices; tough, high yield, homogenous polyimide
  • Commercially available in a variety of dielectric thicknesses and W/ square copper foils
Applications High Speed Digital PWBs (Telecom, Server, Mil-Aero)
  • Replace surface mount bypass capacitors (their PTHs and costs), saving cost and board size
  • Improve signal routing, especially in critical areas, lower PCB layer count
  • Reduce simultaneous switching noise (SSN), lowering jitter and improved eye-openings
  • Reduce EMI radiation from the edge of the board
  • Reduce board thickness or increase Cu thickness for better power handling


Military, Aerospace and Microwave
  • Increased toughness and reliability with smaller, lighter PCBs
  • SMT resistor replacement in Rigid and Rigid Flex designs

Memory (DRAM) Modules & Handheld/Cellphone motherboards
  • Reduce module or board size
  • Save cost by replacing surface mount resistors

High Speed Digital PWBs
  • Termination for transmission lines lowers inductance and eliminates parasitics associated with surface mount resistors